a twitch …

Round Valley Reservoir

I find it strangely beautiful that the camera with its inherent clarity of object and detail can produce images that in spite of themselves offer possibilities to be more than they are … a photograph of nothing very important at all, nothing but an intuition, a response, a twitch from the photographer’s experience.  – Joel Meyerowitz

My apologies for my rather extended, and unintended, absence – I blame the weather, which has been abominable.  Or perhaps a balky knee that I am working to overcome.  Or maybe other projects and commitments that have claimed my energy and time.  The fact remains that we make time for what matters to us and I have not been making enough time for my photography – and I have missed it.  The weather as an obstacle is promising to finally begin looking like spring rather than the dead of winter.  As for my knee, only time will tell.  The other projects and commitments continue in the short-term.  So while my time is limited, it’s not all spent.  I love this quote of Joel’s.  He describes so well what I love about photography – a photograph of something that is also of something more, that response,  the twitch.  Time to reconnect with my twitch …

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