listening to voices …

South Jetty

Some of you may remember that I visited the Oregon coast last September – a phenomenal trip that had far reaching consequences.  I was standing on this jetty one morning, having the time of my life.  For me, quite possibly the best part of photography, is being out in the world doing it – everything falls away, there is just me and the setting, and often there is no sense of ‘me’ either.  The feeling reminds me of what athletes call the ‘zone,’ absolutely and thoroughly caught up in the moment.  A little voice interrupted and said to me – You know, I could do this all the time.  Some other little voice wanted to chime in and say, no, you can’t.  You have a job, you don’t live here, you’re just on vacation.  My tendency is usually to listen to that last voice, the one of reason and practicality, the one that squashes ideas before they hatch.

Not this time!  This time I listened.  And I began thinking about it, playing with the idea.  And now I can say – I will be moving to Oregon in two months, following that voice that spoke to me on this jetty.  It is both exciting and scary at the same time but I am looking forward to the adventure.

(Note – this also explains my sporadic posting here and why it may stay that way for the next several months.  Cross country moves are major projects!)


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